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Ethical Crisis

"What kind of freak is man? What a novelty he is, how absurd he is, how chaotic and what a mass of contradictions, and yet what a prodigy! He is judge of all things, yet a feeble worm. He is repository of truth, and yet sinks into such doubt and error. He is the glory and the scum of the universe!"
(Blaise Pascal 1623-1662)

Do we all share a moral baseline? Do we all possess an inherent standard that declares murder, rape, torture, child abuse, theft, lying, fraud, graft, torture, cheating, and other injustices as universal wrongs? Why? Where does that come from?

When we see images of genocidal atrocities in Rwanda and Sudan, do our stomachs turn? When we read details about the twisted minds of serial killers and sexual predators, do we shirk in disgust? When we re-live the corporate failures of Enron and WorldCom, do we declare judgment against greed and corruption?

Although it seems that humanity shares an ethical plumb line, it also seems that many of us have gone totally numb. The inner conscience is broken, the inherent checks and balances are gone, and true moral confusion has surfaced.

  • A Corporate Crisis

  • A Personal Crisis

  • An Institutional Crisis


"To educate a person
in mind and not in morals
is to educate
a menace to society."
– Teddy Roosevelt