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Randall Niles Services

  In addition to our comprehensive Plan of ACTION™, we offer ethics compliance and consulting services on a case-by-case or hourly basis. Some of our special services include:

Ethics Counsel - Special advisor to the Board of Directors or similar leadership in connection with ethics issues at the organizational level.

Mediation Services - Guidance and dispute-resolution services for internal, organizational issues.

Continuing Education - Ethics programs for attorneys, accountants, and other professionals.

Motivational Speaking - High-impact key-notes, seminars, and retreats in the areas of organizational vision, leadership, and ethics.

Corporate Coaching - Vision, mission, values, and ethics coaching for corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.

Church Coaching - Unique awareness, communication, and conflict-resolution perspective for churches and religious non-profit organizations.

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NOTE: Randall Niles provides ethics consulting and training on a national basis through ETHICS in ACTION, LLC. Although Randall Niles is licensed to practice law in California, he cannot provide legal services in other jurisdictions beyond the scope of his ethics programs. If necessary, local counsel may be retained in connection with certain legal matters.


"A good name is
more desirable
than great riches;
to be esteemed is
better than
silver or gold."
– King Solomon